Presentia is...

Presentia is... - Presentia

Our mission is to provide the fastest, most direct and efficient way to market in Italy

The Italian market is often deemed to be difficult to enter with its myriad laws of often subjective application. Despite this, Italy is an industrialised market of immense growth potential as well as a strategic position for companies wishing to enter the EU market, North Africa and non-EU Eastern European countries.

With the aid of our services, you can enter a new market and achieve growth previously considered unavailable.


We supply foreign companies with all operational support in legal, administrative and consulting matters necessary to commercialise their products and services in Italy; we guarantee you will : 

      - meet all legal requisites
      - meet all necessary voluntary legal requisites such as ISO 9001, SA8000... 
      - satisfy all necessary administrative procedures
      - approach your target market with minimal cultural barriers

For all your legal, administrative, technical and marketing needs, contact Presentia for a telephone appointment at

Presentia est...

Presentia est... - Presentia
Notre mission est celui de vous fournir la manière plus directe, rapide et efficace pour commercialiser vos produits en Italie.
Le marché Italien est souvent peu considéré vu ses myriades lois et leur application souvent subjective. Ceci dit, l’Italie est un marché industrialisé d’énorme potentiel de croissance qui est situé de façon stratégique pour donner accès aux marchés de l'UE, Nord Afrique et pays de l’Europe de l'Est ne faisant part de l’UE.
Avec l’aide de nos services, vous pouvez entrer dans un nouveau marché et faire croître votre entreprise là ou auparavant vous ne le croyez pas possible.
On fournit aux entreprises étrangères le support légale, administratif et de consultance nécessaires pour commercialiser leurs produits et services en Italie ; on garantit la satisfaction des :
  • obligations légales
  • obligations normatives volontaires tels que ISO 9001, SA8000…
  • obligations administratives
  • approches culturelles à la vente
Pour toutes vos questions légales, administratifs, techniques et de marketing, contactez Presentia pour un rendez-vous téléphonique à

Made in Italy range

Made in Italy range - Presentia
Presentia in Italy

Our expertise in the Italian market has brought us in contact with many national realities from a variety of different industries; in a country where real excellence lies, often undiscovered, we at Presentia believe in sharing these examples of Italian tradition and distinction with the world.

As a result we have forged exclusive relationships with producers we deem of particular quality and interest.

Contact us at to bring the true value of Italy to you!